Our Service


We provide a dedicated visiting surgery service. This allows you to treat the majority of cases in house that you would otherwise refer. This has many important benefits to you.

  • Case control: management of cases remains with you and is not lost to referral centres so you know exactly what is going on, and are not dependent on communication from referral hospitals. We endeavour to be available for phone or email advice at all times.
  • Client benefits: we have found the majority of clients are delighted to have their pets treated at the clinic they know with the vets they trust rather than having to travel to a distant referral centre. We charge a fixed fee agreed in advance which allows accurate quoting for procedures and eliminates nasty financial surprises for clients if things do not go entirely to plan.
  • Financial benefits: our fees cover the procedure, implants and consumables. All income derived from anaesthetics, laboratory fees, radiography, hospitalisation, drugs, dressings and so on remains within the practice. This is income that would be otherwise lost to referral centres.

How It Works

After initial case discussion, we agree a time that is suitable to you and arrive with all equipment, implants and consumables necessary for the procedure. Once the surgery is complete we write the clinical notes directly onto your computer so they cannot go missing and leave detailed case management advice. For more frequently performed surgeries, post-operative instructions and client information sheets are available to download from the website.